Since 1999, Helen has been offering trendy fashion accessories for women. With over 20 stores island-wide today, it has become a well-recognised fashion accessories powerhouse.Belief that within every woman lies a beautiful personality waiting to be discovered motivates them to offer a wide range of fashionable accessories to cultivate a love of dressing up in every woman and inspire them to enhance their charm through accessorising.

Brand Helen Accessories
Country Singapore
Founded 1999
Franchising Since  2014
Opportunity Master
Global Presence Singapore|Indonesia|Malaysia|Hong Kong|China|Cambodia

Helen has significantly strengthened its merchandise base and has products fine crafted in Hong Kong and Korea, which appeals to women whom are fashion savvy and lead a cosmopolitian lifestyle. Helen Accessories provides them with the finest fashion and shopping experience for any occasion-casual or formal; work or play.

Helen Accessories are seeking partners to join in their endeavour to bring Helen to other parts of the world.

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