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Squeezed! is a cold pressed juice and yoghurt bar bent on putting fresh , live and whole ingredients into everyone’s hands. Squeezed! thinks that just like models on magazine covers, natural is best. In fact, that’s what you will only find in our cold-pressed juices and yoghurt. All 100% of it, Fresh, no-nonsense goodness with sugar and water banished forever from our menu. What you get in return, are portions of wonderful nutrients from our strictly sourced fruits and vegetables through the juice extraction process. Stir in a huge dollop of fun an desire to put a cup of healthy juice in everyone’s hands, and there you have it a glimpse into what Squeezed! is really up to!

If you believe in having a profitable business and making wholesome foods convenient, fun and accessible to all with good intent. Come join the Squeezed! family be a health advocate. Smoothie & Juice Bar serving cold-pressed juice is hot new health fad. Take up a Master, Regional, Multi unit Franchise and share in 100% cold pressed juices and yoghurt!

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