Offers men and boys more than just a haircut

Sport Clips offers men and boys more than just a haircut.They offer them a unique, sports-themed experience they can’t get anywhere else. Clients can drop in any time without an appointment and be greeted by MVP-treatment from a friendly, professional stylist while sports play on television. As a Sport Clips owner, you can bring that one-of-a-kind experience to your clients, too.


Sport Clips Haircuts is headquartered in Georgetown, Texas. It was established in 1993 and started franchising in 1995 by founder and CEO Gordon Logan. Sport Clips is now in 48 states with more than 1300 stores, numerous locations open each month in the U.S. and Canada. Now ready to set its footprint in India Sportclips is looking for Master, Regional, Multi unit Franchisees.

Join The Big Leagues

The hair cutting industry continues to grow with the population and is considered by many to be recession resistant. (Our experience the past few years validates that.) Sport Clips is dedicated to growing our same store sales faster than the industry norms, achieving a disproportionate market share in each market we enter. Franchising within this industry is a strong decision, and one that you can feel good about. Sport Clips offers an exciting hair care franchise opportunity to entrepreneurs in the United States and Canada and we cater to the men and boys segment, a (very large) niche within the larger hair cutting market.

Sport Clips has a target niche that allows us to really focus in on the experience that our ideal customers—men and boys—want. We don’t have to try to be everything to everyone. Learn more about this exciting industry!

The men’s hair care market is vastly under served and Sport Clips is a one-of-a-kind concept that puts you in a perfect position to serve the enormous demand. As an owner, you’ll enjoy flexible hours and recurring revenue from repeat customers in a fun sports environment. Hair cutting is a multi-billion industry, but Sport Clips is the only hair cut franchise that caters to the 150 million men and boys in the United States.Learn how you can turn a great hair cut into a great business opportunity.

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