Piola isn’t just another pizzeria concept…
Piola is unique Italian Restaurant as it offers an appealing, spontaneous and truly Italian restaurant experience supported by an expert international management team.Established in 1986, the unique pizzeria concept of Piola was cooked up in the heart of Treviso, Italy. Founded by the Carniato brothers, the success achieved in Italy by Piola has started to spread around the world: Piola’s quality is now sought after by discriminating and trend-setting international clientele in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador and Turkey.

Piola is the most represented pizzeria franchise outside of Italy. At Piola, the most genuine Italian tradition of simple and delicious food combines cleverly with a particular service and ambiance for the demanding and modern customer, who chooses Piola aware of the fact that feeling comfortable is as important as eating well. Is is an authentic Italian Restaurant that serves Italian food – Pastas, Pizzas and side dishes.

Brand Piola
Country USA
Founded 1986
Franchising Since
Opportunity Master
Global Presence

Piola is for all and accessible to all – Piola’s moderate pricing, combined with its menu variety and welcoming ambience, targets a wide consumer base. It has franchises at 37 locations across 11 countries and looking for more through franchise route.

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