Running is about going OFFLINE

Newline is a specialist running and sportswear brand who originated the first functional running suit the brand is well established in Europe and is now present in Hong Kong for the Asian market. It all started in 1981 with a man being OFFLINE. Hanging in a parachute between sky and earth he started wondering why his suit was wet but his parachute was still dry. His curiosity accelerated into creativity and generated the first newline outfit. From the parachute fabric he made one of the very first functional running suits. His background from the Special Forces and his focus on military precision together with many years as a runner helped him to create an innovative range of functional products with focus on detail and comfort.

Newline are seeking distributor partners for territory preferably with sportswear experience, infrastructure and pan-India sales network with key retailers. Newline is also seeking financial commitment to build the Newline brand across India. In addition to this, there exists the opportunity through a franchise agreement to open own stores.

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