Fashion retailer M&Co. is a Scottish chain store selling women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes, as well as small homeware products. M&Co is one of the largest, privately-owned fashion retailers in the UK and has been selling quality clothing for 50 years. Originally a small family business of only 6 shops in Glasgow owned by the McGeoch family in the 1960s has grown  tremendously.

Brand M&Co.
Country USA
Founded 1834 / 1969 (1st Store)
Franchising Since 2012
Opportunity Master
Global Presence UK|UAE|Bulgaria|Qatar|Bahrain|Malta|Saudi Arabia|Kuwait|Pakistan|Libya|Oman.

M&Co, has almost 300 stores nationwide with stores on local high streets across the UK, from the Shetland Isles in the most northerly part of Scotland to Penzance on the edge of the south west coast of England, an online store and a turnover of more than £200 million per year. The first international store opened in the Dubai Mall in May 2012 and became the start of an international franchise campaign that now boasts 21 stores around the world in countries like UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Malta, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Libya and Oman.

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