Denny’s is America’s diner. This is where Americans have come for over 60 years now to sit back, relax, and enjoy delicious, hearty meals 24/7, every day of the year. From breakfast anytime to satisfying lunches and dinners, if you’re in the mood for it, chances are Denny’s is serving it. Denny’s is always open, always welcoming and always serving up hearty diner food along with a mug of fresh hot coffee. So come on in anytime, park yourself in a comfortable booth, take a seat at the counter, whatever you want, because it won’t take you long to understand why Denny’s is truly America’s diner.

Brand Denny’s
Country Lakewood, California, USA
Founded 1953
Franchising Since 1963
Opportunity Master
Global Presence US | Canada | Dominican Republic | El Salvador | Curaçao | Costa Rica | Venezuela |  Honduras | Japan | Mexico | New Zealand | Qatar | UAE

Casual family dining

Denny’s franchise operate under with years of experience, and they know what it takes to operate a 24/7 full-service restaurant. Denny’s continually seek out new and innovative ways to make its operations more efficient and help its franchisees operate more effectively. Its industry-leading supply chain delivers high-quality food while minimizing preparation time. Denny’s also recently implemented a program designed to improve table turn in high-revenue day parts by using technology and operational systems.


Denny’s is focused on using innovative marketing strategies to position itself as America’s first choice for breakfast all day, every day. From its 2009 Super Bowl ad that invited America to enjoy a free Grand Slam breakfast to its extensive presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Denny’s marketing is on the cutting edge. There are over 2,100 Denny’s restaurants worldwide, operating throughout the United States and in more than 11 foreign countries and territories. Denny’s is the global family dining leader.

Denny's market available

In addition to continuing to build current markets, Denny’s has a focused plan to grow in the other available markets like Australia, Caribbean, China, Europe, India, Mexico, South America, Southeast Asia, United Kingdom.
With over 60 years of experience in franchising and 90% of Denny’s restaurants franchise-operated, Denny’s has proven it’s Commitment to a franchise growth plan that is sustainable and diversified. Join the Denny’s family

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