Always leave room for dessert

Founded in 1978 and located in over 115 points of sale from coast to coast, BeaverTails Canada Inc. has been serving up Canada’s quintessential dessert. These sinfully delicious whole-wheat pastries were inspired by a family recipe and are now served in some of Canada’s most prestigious leisure sites and luckiest neighbourhoods. The mouth-watering treats are shaped like a beaver’s tail and brought to irresistible perfection in 100% canola oil. They are then served fresh and piping hot, topped with your choice of delectable flavours including cinnamon sugar, chocolate banana and apple cinnamon & caramel BeaverTails pastries…give in to temptation.

Brand BeaverTails
Country Canada
Founded 1978
Franchising Since 1989
Opportunity Master| Regional
Global Presence Canada|UAE|South Korea|Japan

The BeaverTails business model is compelling for several reasons. First, operations are comparatively simple and food costs are attractive. Second,  product is unique. Third, BeaverTails pastries are topped with a variety of choices, which allows us to provide an animated and interactive experience that creates superior customer engagement and loyalty.

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