Five Tips from TAB Winnipeg 501

Start building HR early

Consider contracting out your HR position if you currently do not have, cannot afford a full time HR person or are not big enough for one yet. Contracting out would allow you to build and have a HR platform ready for when you are ready for a full-time person. A contract HR person should have lots of professional backup to cover what ever might come up.

How to incorporate taxes into accounting

Accrue for taxes in your P & L statements especially if you share them with or base bonuses on the bottom line.

Sales rep cars allowance ideas

Consider paying employees such as outside salespeople a vehicle allowance to use their own vehicle instead of supplying them a company vehicle. You would pay for the gas; they would look after their own insurance and repairs. The cost would be about the same. They could then use or share their vehicle for personal use, and you would not have the liabilities and insurance issues for what happens to the company vehicle after work hours.

Remind staff that customer is king

Sometimes you must get back in the weeds and make sure everyone knows that looking after the customer is job one, not looking after themselves. If the message is not getting through, send one by giving unexpected raises to people who do look after customers and getting rid of the weakest link. (those who do not look after the customer)

When to make that decision

In a lot of cases you could make decisions with 80% to 90 % of info and research received instead of waiting for 100%. Waiting for info and research which you may never get and could cause unnecessary delays and losing out on in making decisions.

Written by Kim Christie

Kim Christie is a TAB-Certified Facilitator and business coach in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.



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