11 Financial Lessons to Learn From Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is worshipped as the god of prosperity and symbol of happiness. It is believed that any activity started by worshipping lord Ganesha will bring good results and will be successful. Lord Ganesha’s appearance teaches many things along with some financial tips which people often forget and put themselves into wrongful financial situations.

Big Head of ‘Gajanana’

He has a big head or Gajanana which means “Elephant Faced God” symbolizes to think big. People often fail to think out side the already set boundaries. Though at times there is a little amount of risk involved experimenting with financial planning but there are safe ways in which one can explore their options and start thinking differently. Each and every problem has a solution to it. To find the solution one just need to be calm and analyze the situation.

Small Eyes of “Gajakarna”

The small and sharp eyes of Ganesha symbolize to have concentration. Any work or plan where there is lack of concentration cannot be successful. Your financial planning also needs proper concentration and need you to think all the risk and gain factors involved. Ask questions to your self before you take any decision. Concentrate on smallest of small details and take note of each and every pros and cons of the step you are about to take. After setting your goals, you need to prioritize them according to their importance.

Large Ears of “Lambakarna”

The large ears of “Lambakarna” which means “Large Eared Lord” and symbolizes to listen carefully and keep you years open always. You should know what is going on in the financial markets and what the new innovations are. Also listen to your financial advisors. Often people tend to take their financial decisions on their own in order to save a little amount they have to pay to the advisors. But at times in order to save little money they end up incurring a huge loss.

Still in case you do not feel like consulting an advisor, collect information on your own. There are many articles on internet as well as Television which can help you to know better market trends and take proper decisions.

Small Mouth of “Gajavaktra”

At times it is said that actions speak better than words, but few wrong words may make bigger and a very wrong impression than your actions. Lord Ganesha’s small mouth reminds that one should think before they speak anything. Your words portray your personality, you need to listen more and talk less while planning your financial plans. More over it is not always safe to discuss your financial plans with everybody as they might provide you some wrong information. Talk only those things which will help you to gain further knowledge and help in making strong financial decisions.

One Tusk of “Ekadanta” or “Ekadrishta”

Ganesha’s one tusk symbolizes that you should keep the good and throws the bad. It conveys that keep studying your investments on regular period of time. Investments which are running at loss should not be retained. On the other hand investments which are making profits should be retained and look other measures that how they can perform even better.

Trunk of “Vakratunda”

Lord Ganesha’s trunk conveys that one should be highly adaptable and efficient to their surroundings. Even in unfavorable situations one should be patient and should not panic. Your financial matters need to be handled with care for which you need to have patience. Impulsive decisions may often make you take wrong decisions which will further causing you more damage. Once an investment done doesn’t mean your job is over. You need to be efficient and keep checking the prospects on regular intervals.

Large Stomach of “Lambodara”

Ganesha”s big stomach conveys that one should be able to digest all good and bad phases of financial decisions. It is not always necessary that you investments will only generate profits. At times they may incur losses too. It such situations one should be able to digest the bad upcoming and find out solutions to handle the problem wisely. You should identify what went wrong wile making the decision and take a note that it should not be repeated any mor

Right foot over left foot

Ganesha keeps his right foot over left foot whenever he is seen in sitting posture. This posture symbolizes using knowledge and reason to overcome emotions. One should never take their financial decisions emotionally. Money matters are acute mathematics and are based on strong reasons; decisions related to these should also be taking in such a way. You should have a strong base of financial knowledge to relay your decisions on them. You can read books or go through internet articles on financial issues.


The lord of all Ganas (Gods), Ganesha holds an axe in one of his hands in order to shed off all the bonds and attachments. It means that you should not put all your money and make investments only in one company or one type of investments. This is because different companies and investments perform differently according to the market conditions and investing only in one company increases your risk. Therefore it is suggested by financial advisors to invest in different companies as well as different type of investments.

Mouse at Akhuratha’s Feet

“Moshak” or mouse is considered as Ganesha’s ride. Akhuratha means the lord who has mouse as his charioteer. It conveys the message that people should keep their desirers under control and not take a toll of them. Often people end up spending for things they really do not require and just have the urge to have that. Few impulsive buyers like these at times really end up putting themselves in big trouble by not planning properly to invest their money.

Modak and Prasada

Modak is Ganesha’s favorite sweet and it is served to the devotees as ‘prasada’. This symbolizes that one who does hard work and is patient always gets good rewards. If you are capable of following all the suggestions devotedly, you will definitely get your reward. You financial decisions cannot go wrong and you will always live a healthy and care free life.

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