‘World’s largest sign’ is in USA’s smallest town

Arby’s aim is to create the ‘World’s Biggest Ad’ in America’s smallest town

Arby’s is promoting its change to Coke in the Nation’s smallest town. A company spokesman confirmed Wednesday that Arby’s aim is to create the ‘World’s Biggest Ad’ in America’s smallest town.  That ad is a sign which reads “Arby’s Now Has Coke”, promoting the change to Coke products being served in the chain’s restaurants, according to it’s website.The sign is erected next to the town of Monowi, NE, population 1, the smallest town in the United States.

The Arby’s spokesman says the change is officially scheduled for next Tuesday nationwide. A production team from Los Angeles is in Monowi producing the new ad. The production team, as well as residents from the area assisted in the construction of the sign. The sign stretches across nearly five acres of land, or over 200,000 square feet across. A Guinness Book of World Records official was at the site earlier this week, and confirmed the world record that the sign achieved. The sign will be removed this week.

Arby’s is owned by Roark Capital Group, an Atlanta-based private equity firm. Last August, Bloomberg reported that Coca-Cola won the contract for Arby’s from PepsiCo, Inc.

Monowi is located in northeast Nebraska’s Boyd county, approximately 90 miles northwest of Norfolk. The photo, taken by Shane Greckel of Bloomfield, was taken Wednesday. Greckel said security personnel around the sign would not allow him to get near the sign area.



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