Singaporean sushi chain Maki-san in Japan this summer

Singaporean sushi chain Maki-san opening first location in Japan this summer

Maki-san (Mr/Ms Roll), a Singaporean fast-food makizushi (rolled sushi) chain boasting 17 locations in its home country, is poised to open its first Japanese location in Osaka’s Shinsaibashi district this July.
While there’s something a bit humorous about another country exporting their own concept of sushi to the sushi motherland, Maki-san has definitely proven a hit with Singaporean locals for its unique take on the delicacy. In its own words, it offers customizable sushi rolls and salad bowls including “a 60% original Singaporean menu, 20% original Japanese menu, and 20% limited seasonal menu.” A lineup of house specials also exists if you’re not in a creative enough mood to design your own. In a cute touch, sizes are also ordered according to the fun naming scheme of Little-san (Mr/Ms Little) and Mega-san (Mr/Ms Mega).

Maki-san is popular not only because of its mouth-watering sushi rolls made from the freshest of ingredients, but also because its branding game is on point. Part of its appeal definitely lies in the cute posters and illustrations regularly posted to social media accounts.

In fact, Maki-san’s official website is also quite peculiar in its own way, with clusters of sushi ingredients flashing and revolving across the screen, all to a catchy background beat which definitely has the potential to get stuck in your head for a lengthy time. Visitors even have the ability to design their own opening sequence animation, from the images to the music.

With all of these fun perks, we can’t wait for Maki-san’s unique spin on sushi to open in Osaka. Location details can be found below, but in the meantime, have fun creating your own intro animations on the website.
Restaurant information
Name: Maki-san Shinsaibashi branch / Maki-san
Address: Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Shinsaibashisuji 2-7-9
Open: 11 a.m. -9 p.m.


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