Is Denny’s diner coming to Newcastle? Popular American chain announces that it is coming to the UK

Popular fast food chain is to bring a taste of the US across the Atlantic with 24-hour service of fast food, pan cakes and coffee. American favourite Denny’s has announced it is coming to the UK. Could Denny’s diner be coming to Newcastle ? That’s the question set to be asked as the popular American chain announces plans to move into the UK.

The pancake house and fast food restaurant, which is a huge family favourite in the US, is now looking into expanding its franchise and the news is already igniting interest across Twitter.

And many Denny’s-lovers are trying to stake a claim to the chain following its announcement that it is “finally coming to the UK”.

One excited fan tweeted the company: “Excited is not even close, please tell me you’re bringing breakfast pancakes and all the good stuff.”

Another wrote: “Very happy about this, so no matter what side of the Atlantic I’m on I can eat Denny’s.”
And, as several people suggested possible locations for Denny’s diners, even begging the company to move in to their hometowns, one woman jokingly offered up her spare room.

The family company – formerly called Danny’s Donuts – first opened in 1953 and now has more than 1,600 restaurants across the United States and beyond, many of them now franchisee-owned.

It is currently believed to be seeking area licensees for the UK and has said the first diner to open over here will be in Swansea.

The company took to social media to say: “Swansea to begin with, then expect to see us everywhere.”
And in response to concerns from fans that the menu should be the same as that offered in the US, it is promising the likes of “proper hash browns” and “pancake puppies”.

Famous for being always open, Denny’s round-the-clock menu revolving around breakfast, lunch, and dinner – all served at any time of the day – also includes milkshakes, hamburgers, handmade sandwiches and ‘slams’, which are big plate combinations featuring egg, bacon and sausage with the likes of waffles or pancakes and hash browns.


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