Arby’s will sell turkey legs in 9 cities for ‘Game of Thrones’ finale

Arby’s is hopping on the “Game of Thrones” bandwagon for the show’s season finale.

On Sunday the meat-centric chain will sell smoked turkey legs seasoned with brown sugar at nine restaurants across the United States, including the Pittsburgh area Arby’s at 4810 McKnight Road.

Though we can’t remember the Lannisters or other houses eating turkey legs on “Game of Thrones,” it does sound much more appealing than a bowl of brown or jellied calves’ brains. And it does fit in with the Medieval theme, so we’ll take it.

For the promotion, Arby’s tried to align its chosen locations with regions of Westeros. Pittsburgh was likened to The Riverlands because of its mighty rivers.

The other Westeros/U.S. regions:

The North aka Fargo, North Dakota, a northern land with ruthless winters.

The Iron Islands aka Norfolk, Virginia, a land of ships and sailors.

The Vale of Arryn aka Denver, a mountainous region full of stones.

The Westerlands aka Los Angeles, a western land full of riches.

The Crownlands aka Atlanta, the home to the Arby’s throne, er, headquarters.

The Stormlands aka Seattle, a coastal territory prone to rain and rough weather.

The Reach aka Omaha, Nebraska, a fertile land abundant in crops.

Dorne aka Phoenix, a land of sand.



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