Latest Trend – #Online Lead Generation

The Indian franchise industry is on the path to quadruple. New franchise brands are flying up locally and are currently flooding in from abroad, implying that every potential investor has a pool of opportunities to pick and choose. Franchisee selection is becoming more competitive, and promoters are building up their services to meet the new requests and show up as the most alluring business.

Young Buyers

India has a broadly huge population of people less than 35 years of age, and as we are probably aware, millennials are addicted to the internet. They also urge the older to increase their web utilization, along these lines escalating IT entrance inside the population as a whole. This is reflected in the exceptional development of online shopping, and cheerfully for us, in the developing number of visitors to gateways. The quantity of young, educated business people in India who wish to start a start-up is surging, and they are bringing excitement and innovativeness to the franchise model.

Video Content

Another element of millennials is that they are exceptionally fond of videos. A recent report from the American multinational technology organization Cisco anticipated that by 2019, video content will represent 75% of web traffic. Franchisors are understanding that video is the ideal showcasing structure for speaking to visitors on an emotional level. An investor watching a documentary will understand genuine individuals who joined a specific brand and ended up happy franchisees, and he will imagine himself doing likewise. He can associate with the franchise on an individual level.

Enquiry / Application Forms

Companies are recognising that they need to keep all forms on their website as short as possible – the more questions potential franchisees have to answer, the fewer will fill in the form. Companies make sure to keep application form questions to an absolute minimum, just requesting basic information such as name, contact details, and where the applicant wishes to start a franchise. Any extra questions (such as how soon they want to invest) are kept optional, and questions irrelevant to the applicant (such as where they heard about the website) are not included.

Ability to hold / control costs

In the American market there has been a move away from the conventional level rate promoting model. Franchisors are inviting ‘pay-per-lead’; the opportunity to pay for the high quality leads you get instead of exposure for a timeframe. A take from Google’s pay-per-click promotion, it gives the advertiser more control over how much money is spent and what they purchase. Franchisors require more data about each lead, for example, their age, area, or gender, and with site visitor analytics companies can recognize its visitors and give that information. We can likewise observe which pages the visitors are seeing on their browser.

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