Recent rain raise mosquito concerns

Heavy rain across Central Alabama is raising concerns about mosquitoes. Experts said this summer we can expect a huge increase in mosquitoes.

“It takes just a bottle cap or teaspoon of water to breed over three hundred mosquitoes.”Matthew Lange, Founder of Mosquito Squad.

And with recent down pours we have long exceeded that amount. Making your yard, their home.

“There are millions of places just in your yard alone where mosquitoes can lay eggs,” said Lange.

Lange said this is the worst he has seen. Many counties across Central Alabama have already started preparing and treating areas. The City of Birmingham spray various areas up to five times a week. While others have been spraying frequently since April.

“We have had over ten and a half inches in June of rain and that was two and a half times more than what we typically have. So a very wet June and July may be the same as well,” said Lange.

Lange said sitting water around your yard in pots or buckets are the perfect breeding areas for mosquitoes. He said make sure they are clean regularly, if you don’t.

“Mosquitoes will just keep coming and keep coming and keep coming,” said Lange.

Homewood Public Works Director said they have placed mosquito rings around the Homewood area. He advise residents across our area to get one as well.

If you have any concerns about your yard or nearby areas, please contact your local health department for more information.


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