Title Boxing Club Is Beefing Up

Danny Cordova, owner of Title Boxing Club in Huntington village, attributes the businesses growing success to the culture and community they have created since he took over in 2014.

“We’re just constantly building the relationships and that’s the key,” Cordova, 49, of Huntington, said. “It’s very little to do about jabs and crosses and more to do about the people, that we’re a people business and that’s how we built the community.”

Title offers boxing and kickboxing classes in group or private training sessions. Cordova said every trainer at Title writes down every movement demonstrated in class, so they can track what works and what doesn’t work.

“We change your body and we change your mind,” Cordova said. “We really impact someone every single day and there’s nothing more rewarding.”

With 35 punching bags that hang from steel metal bars, the 3,400-square-foot building also includes a boxing ring, weight-lifting area and treadmills. Opening in August 2013, membership has grown from approximately 100, to over 400 since Cordova took over in November 2014.

Members range from 8-75 years old, Cordova said, adding that majority of their membership comes from word of mouth.

In December 2015, its average class size of 20 members has grown to 30 and sometimes there aren’t enough bags, Cordova said.

Starting off with 60-minute format, which includes a 15-minute warm up, eight 3-minute rounds of nonstop boxing and 15 minutes of core workout, Title implemented 30-minute format in the beginning of 2016.

“The 30-minute class works really great for people who don’t have much time also for people that are intimidated that don’t feel like they can do an hour,” Cordova said. This format includes 7-minute warm up, 4 rounds of boxing and 7-minute core workout.

“It’s more challenging because it’s faster paced,” he added. “The one hour format you can control more, but the 30 minute you feel like you’re in a rush because we want you to get your heart rate up.”

Now, Title is testing a new 45-minute format, which will include a 7-minute warm up, the full eight 3-minute rounds of boxing and 7-minute core.

“For those who really love to just hit the bag, it’s just enough of a warm up to get you sweating and it’s just enough of a core not to kill you so that you still can experience the full eight 3-minute rounds of boxing,” Cordova, who was an Elite International Taekwondo athlete in the ‘80s, said. “I think it’s going to be really popular.”

The gym has grown into a new location in Syosset, adding an additional 200 to its membership. Opening in March 2016 with a different owner, Cordova took over that location in April.

Title is currently offering a student summer program, where college students pay a flat fee of $426 for the months of June, July and August

For those coming into the summer program late, students can get a two month summer package at a different price, which includes the holidays when they return from school.

With their new slogan, “Best Hour of Your Day,” Cordova said they’re making changes to people’s lives one hour at a time.

He added, “My proudest moment is the transformation we make to these members, mentally, physically, and emotionally.”

Source: http://www.longislandernews.com/business-section-archives/title-boxing-club-is-beefing-up

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