Skin Inc Global Announces Strategic Investment

Skin Inc Global Announces Strategic Investment from Spackman Entertainment Group and Spackman Media Group

Spackman Entertainment Group Limited and Spackman Media Group Limited to co-invest in Singapore-based, leading customizable skincare brand Skin Inc Global

Investment will help Skin Inc Global continue growth trajectory and expand fooprint in key skincare markets in North Asia

The collaboration will see Skin Inc Global leverage the brand power of Spackman Media Group Limited’s artists and entertainment content

Skin Inc Global has today announced a strategic investment from Korean entertainment conglomerates Spackman Entertainment Group Limited (“SEG”) and Spackman Media Group Limited (“SMG”). The subscription agreement will see the entertainment companies support Skin Inc Global, the leader in customizable skincare, to expand its footprint into key skincare markets through the opening of their own concept stores, ecommerce stores and with key retailers in North Asia, leveraging the brand power of Spackman Media Group’s artists and entertainment content.

“Skin Inc’s focus on brand globalization has naturally led us to explore opportunities in Korea, the nerve-centre for all things related to innovation, beauty and entertainment. Skin Inc Global is a skincare brand that has embodied technology, digitalization and personalization since its inception. With personalization at the heart of our business, the company is well-placed to capture the attention of the fickle millennial audience, and expand at pace in a country known for its technological innovations and strong beauty culture.”

“The collaboration will enable us to tap on the branded entertainment platform and leverage the influence of SMG’s artists to reach a wider audience. This investment will also fuel the brand’s strength and digital footprint, and we are well poised to be the next Asian skincare powerhouse,” says Sabrina Tan, Founder and CEO, Skin Inc.

Mr. Charles Spackman, Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Spackman Entertainment Group, said, “In partnership with Spackman Media Group, we have been exploring investment opportunities in businesses across a range of industries that offer compelling growth opportunities — such as Skin Inc Global. We can accelerate the performance of these brands through strategic collaborations with SMG’s artists and through leveraging our entertainment content projects.”

“We, along with SMG, plan to build a diverse portfolio of collaboration investments, and are looking forward to working closely with the Skin Inc Global team to deliver strong results.”

Skin Inc Global is a leading global skincare brand developed by female entrepreneur Sabrina Tan, who has proven that customized skincare answers a universal need. She has successfully driven business growth through the innovative convergence of beauty and technology.

About Skin Inc Global Pte. Ltd.

After working at big MNCs such as IBM, HP and Oracle, IT-expert-turned skincare-guru Sabrina Tan founded Skin Inc Global in 2008 with a mission to create customizable skincare solutions. She sought for an effective, fuss-free regimen tailored to each individual’s skin needs with a “one-size-fits-one” not “one-size-fits-all” approach. Tan continues to disrupt the beauty scene with the true concept of skincare. Skin Inc Global’s products feature highly concentrated serums with pure and active ingredients. Innovative skincare technology from Japan combine ingredients free from scents and parabens with the most advanced delivery systems for maximum results.

Where beauty meets technology

A beauty disruptor, Skin Inc Global has always been ahead of the game, utilizing both digital and technological innovation to grow the business and further enhance the consumer offering and experience. From empowering consumers to decode their skin identities with their online skin diagnostic tool ‘My Skin Identity’ (, to working with cutting edge technologies to develop new product lines and treatment protocols at their Japan-based R&D facilities, Skin Inc Global pioneers innovation. In January 2015 Skin Inc Global introduced portable facial devices, combining the power of NASA developed LED light Chromotherapy and Low Frequency Therapy to increase skincare efficacy, boost absorption of active ingredients and allow consumers to customize their treatments at home. The coming months will see Skin Inc Global go a step further in their integration of digital technology by innovating the m-commerce space through mobile-friendly skin checks and harnessing big data to fine-tune its products.

Skin Inc products feature highly concentrated, pure and active serums and innovative skincare from Japan that combine proven ingredients with the most advanced delivery systems for maximum results. Skin Inc Global products are free of added scents and parabens, and safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Through a strong partnership with Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy owned beauty conglomerate Sephora, Skin Inc’s global footprint extends across 100 cities worldwide with over 350 distribution outlets across Asia, Europe and America and online. For more information, please visit

About Spackman Entertainment Group Limited (Listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange)

Spackman Entertainment Group Limited (“SEG” or the “Company”), and together with its subsidiaries, (the “Group”) is a leading entertainment production company that is primarily engaged in the independent development, production, presentation, and financing of theatrical motion pictures in Korea. In addition to our film business, we also make investments into entertainment companies and film funds that can financially and strategically complement our existing core operations. SEGL is listed on the Catalist of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited under the ticker 40E.

SEG’s Zip Cinema Co., Ltd. (“Zip Cinema”) is one of the most recognized film production labels in Korea and has originated and produced some of Korea’s most commercially successful theatrical films, consecutively producing 8 profitable movies since 2009 representing an industry leading track record. Recent theatrical releases of Zip Cinema’s motion pictures include some of Korea’s highest grossing and award-winning films such as MASTER (2016), THE PRIESTS (2015), COLD EYES (2013), and ALL ABOUT MY WIFE (2012). For more information on Zip Cinema, do visit


SEG also owns Novus Mediacorp Co., Ltd. (“Novus Mediacorp”), an investor, presenter, and/or ancillary distributor for a total of 55 films (36 Korean and 19 foreign) including SECRETLY, GREATLY, which was one of the biggest box office hits of 2013 starring Kim Soo-hyun of MY LOVE FROM THE STARS fame, as well as FRIEND 2: THE GREAT LEGACY. In 2012, Novus Mediacorp was also the ancillary distributor of ALL ABOUT MY WIFE, a top-grossing romantic comedy produced by Zip Cinema. For more information on Novus Mediacorp, do visit

Our films are theatrically distributed and released in Korea and overseas markets, as well as for subsequent post-theatrical worldwide release in other forms of media, including cable TV, broadcast TV, IPTV, video-on-demand, and home video/DVD, etc. We release all of our motion pictures into wide-theatrical exhibition initially in Korea, and then in overseas and ancillary markets.

We also operate a café-lounge called Upper West, in the Gangnam district of Seoul and own a professional photography studio, noon pictures Co., Ltd.

The Company is a 24.53% strategic shareholder of Spackman Media Group Limited (“SMGL”). SMGL, a company incorporated in Hong Kong, together with its subsidiaries, collectively is the leading talent agency and entertainment content production company in Korea, managing over 60 artistes including some of the top names in the Korean entertainment industry. SMGL operates the talent management business through renowned agencies such as MS Team Entertainment Co., Ltd., UAA & Co., Fiftyone K Inc., SBD Entertainment Inc., Kook Entertainment Co., Ltd., and UL Entertainment Co., Ltd.For more details, do visit

About Spackman Media Group Limited

Spackman Media Group Limited (“SMG”), a company incorporated in Hong Kong, together with its subsidiaries, is collectively the largest entertainment talent agency in Korea in terms of the number of artists under management. SMG manages over 60 artistes including some of the top names in the Korean entertainment industry and operates its talent management business through renowned agencies such as MS Team Entertainment Co., Ltd., UAA & Co., Fiftyone K Inc., SBD Entertainment Inc., Kook Entertainment Co., Ltd., and UL Entertainment Co., Ltd.


The company, through its full-service talent agencies in Korea, represents and guides the professional careers of a leading roster of over 60 award-winning actors/actresses in the practice areas of motion pictures, television, commercial endorsements, and branded entertainment. The company leverages its unparalleled portfolio of artistes as a platform to develop, produce, finance and own the highest quality of entertainment content projects, including theatrical motion pictures, variety shows, and TV dramas.



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