Denny’s is behind one of the most popular versions of the new ‘zoom’ meme

Restaurant chain Denny’s is the latest brand to jump on the craze of “zoom” memes and created one of the most-shared versions of the new internet fad.

The new mobile-friendly meme asks users to go on a scavenger hunt and zoom into different parts of a picture before ending on a punchline.

With its tweet of the new meme Denny’s wasn’t pushing a marketing message – tactic that has often led to cringeworthy branded moments in internet culture .

The new meme appears to have first been created on Twitter, when a user posted a picture of a dog asking people to zoom in on its nose.
After the first zoom, users are told to “look in the bottom left corner” then “look in the top right corner” before ending on “you are beautiful.”


The idea went viral and people began zooming in on all kinds of images, not just dogs.

Denny's "Zoom" meme

Now Denny’s has created a popular version of the meme:

The tweet first asks users to look at the syrup:

The tweet has racked up more than 68,000 retweets, nearly 10,000 more than the first zoom meme.



Denny's "Zoom" meme

Denny's "Zoom" meme Denny's "zoom" meme






But according to the Reddit community /r/MemeEconomy , which treats memes as if they were commodities, the value of the zoom meme has peaked and reached “sell” status, now that brands are using it .

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