Litres of liquid cheese: Regina welcomes Fuddruckers back

Regina, Saskatoon have the only two Fuddruckers locations in Canada.

Liquid cheese lovers in Regina rejoice: Fuddruckers is back.

Twenty years ago, the restaurant closed its doors in Regina, leaving Saskatoon with the only location in Canada.

But thanks to Randy Nicolle and his business partners, Fuddruckers fans in Regina no longer have to drive more than 250 kilometres for a taste.

“I kept on hearing about people driving up to Saskatoon just for a burger and driving back,” Nicolle told CBC Radio’s Morning Edition. “I really didn’t believe it. But you know, when hundreds of people tell you that, I think it’s time you start taking them seriously.”

Nicolle thought he could make it work and as of Monday, his dream became a reality. Fuddruckers is now open on Victoria Avenue East near Fleet Street.

“The phenomenon behind Fuddruckers is great all over the U.S. and all over the world, but it’s not at the level it is here in Saskatchewan,” Nicolle said. “Without even being open, we have five times the following on Facebook than any other store.”

Fuddruckers has more than 150 locations around the world, but the only locations in Canada are in Regina and Saskatoon.

Liquid (cheesy) gold

Regina’s Tony Chow didn’t skimp on his order at the new location: He got the one-pound burger.

“Doing it right,” he said, laughing.

Chow’s passion for Fuddruckers is proof of what Nicolle heard from people. He said he drove to Saskatoon “a couple of times” just for Fuddruckers.

Last week, Andrew Kuski was on a trip in Orlando, Fla. Where did he eat while there: Fudduckers. And where did he go days later in Regina? You guessed it.

“It’s pretty exciting to get one here, finally,” Kuski said.

When Brenden Pasloski found out the Regina location had opened, his lunch choice was a no-brainer.
When asked why there seems to be a phenomenon for Fuddruckers in Saskatchewan, Kuski, Chow and Pasloski agreed: it’s the liquid cheese.

Nicolle said the proof is in the consumption. The restaurant goes through nearly 18 litres of liquid cheese every three hours.

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