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6 Excuses to Skip Your Workouts Debunked!

Many of us do want to exercise, get fit, and live healthier lives. Unfortunately, much of the time we allow excuses to come in and distract us from our healthy goals. While some of them may seem pretty legit in the moment, we’re here to debunk ‘em and help you get back to your sweat sessions ASAP!

Here are 6 of the most common (ahem, the lamest) excuses to miss your workouts:

You’re Too Tired – Who isn’t tired? People who exercise, that’s who! Many of us struggle to get through the daily grind of work, school, and family duties, so of course you’re bound to be tired. But guess what? Research has shown over and over again that once you get up and get moving that you’ll become more awake and more energetic, experience increased stamina, and become more mentally aware! So if you feel a little groggy and think it’s time to miss out on Leg Day, well, you don’t have a leg to stand on!

You’ve Got Other Stuff to Do – Don’t we all? You can clean out the garage, organize your stamp collection, or catch up with your favorite show on Netflix, but do you really need to do those things instead of exercising? Chances are the answer is no.

You Don’t Have the Time – This is the most common excuse that we hear, and it’s our favorite to destroy! Sure, you might be busy with work, making dinner, taking care of your family, or with schoolwork, but trust us, you need to make time to work out. There are countless benefits that come with exercise – benefits that shouldn’t be so casually brushed off with an “I’m too busy to exercise” excuse. Plan out your exercise times at the beginning of each week – that way, when you get home after work, you don’t have to think about it – you just do it!

The Weather Sucks – This might be true, especially right now in the throes of winter, but it’s not gonna work! Make an indoor workout strategy and stick to it! It might be time to hit up that yoga studio you noticed a few weeks ago, start jamming out on the elliptical, or, of course, hit up TITLE Boxing Club for an epic workout!

Exercise Is Booooooooring – If you find working out boring, then you’re doing it wrong! The key to a strong exercise program that you will stick to is to find something that excites you. Choose an activity that you just can’t wait to do throughout the week! Maybe you get a kick out of swimming laps and seeing how far you can go. Perhaps you think of yourself as a prince of tennis and love challenging your friends to a few rounds. Even if you like to hunt Pokemon on Pokemon Go, take your phone out for a speed-walk and catch ‘em all!

You Think You’ll Probably Quit After a Few Weeks Anyway – No, no, no. Don’t let this be you. Many people quit after a week or two, but it’s because they’re not taking care of themselves properly or engaging in an activity that they really love. Start out slow and steady and build up from there. Don’t be afraid to deviate from your usual workouts to keep things interesting!

Obviously, if you’re actually sick with the flu, are incredibly exhausted, or have an injury that your doctor told you to stay off of, then do us all a favor and don’t exercise. Just get back to the gym and hit it hard whenever you feel better!

So what are you waiting for? We’ve destroyed all of your major excuses to miss that workout of yours. Head on over to TITLE Boxing Club and get an amazing workout in! Rain or shine, snow or storm, we are open and ready to help you get whipped into shape!



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