The greatest hits at Manhattan Fish Market

SEAFOOD lovers will rejoice as Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) has brought back its Greatest Hits promotion featuring the tastiest combinations of fish, prawns, calamari, crabs, oysters and more.
For this year’s promotion, the chain of restaurants has nine special combinations to cater to both the palate of diners and their portion size.

There is a choice of Swinging Singles for solo diners, Delightful Duos for couples, and Fabulous Fours for family and friends.

The highlights of this year’s Greatest Hits have to be the French Waltz, which is part of the Delightful Duos combo, as well as the French Cabaret, which is from the Fabulous Fours. Both these combos come with the French Crab platter, which is a first for MFM.

If you love eating crabs, this is one dish you should try as it is quite different from the ones you usually get at local restaurants.

The French crab has a much harder shell and, thus, it is recommended you don’t try biting into it as you would other crabs.

The meat is also different as it has a rougher texture but, at the same time, is still very sweet.
On top of that, the crab is quite big in size as each crab is said to weigh between 800g and 1kg, which means there’s quite a lot of crab meat to go round.

Regardless whether you order the French Waltz or French Cabaret, the crab is accompanied by a generous helping of mixed vegetables, garlic herb rice, fried calamari and a baked fish.
The main difference between the Waltz and Cabaret (besides the price), is what else you get with the combo.

For the Waltz, you’ll get a single serving of the very tasty garlic herb mussels and two mocktails.
As for the Cabaret, you’ll get a Small Flame which comes with succulent Manhattan flaming prawns, a grilled dory fillet, chips, veggies and even more garlic herb rice.

If that isn’t enough, the Cabaret also comes with a sharing-sized serving of garlic herb mussels, and for desserts, there’s the sinful sizzling banana fritters with ice cream and two super fruit crumbles. You also get four mocktails.

However, for those who aren’t too keen on dealing with peeling and smashing through tough shells, there are also combos like the Manhattan Mambo, which comes with the restaurant’s signature Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter, the pepper cherry snapper, mesclun salad and desserts; or the Two to Tango combo, which comes with grilled glory dory, creamy salmon penne and mesclun salad.

Also another first for the Greatest Hits is that diners can now get a free upgrade from dory to salmon for the Salmon Chachacha and Salmon Rumba dishes from the Swinging Singles meals.
With this upgrade, diners will save up to RM6 each.Besides dining in, these items are also available for takeaway.

The Manhattan Fish Market’s Greatest Hits promotion is now available at all its outlets except for the ones at Aeon Mall Tebrau City in Johor and Cenang Mall in Langkawi.


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