Denny’s Is So Sure You’ll Love Its Pancakes, It Guarantees Them

Chain introduces ‘Love ‘em or They’re Free Guarantee’

In the wake of the recent overhaul of its pancake recipe, Denny’s introduced a “Love ‘em or They’re Free Guarantee” for the month of August.

The new pancakes, which feature “fresh buttermilk, real eggs, flour, and a hint of vanilla,” are reportedly 50 percent fluffier and just might give your favorite homemade pancakes a run for their money.

With its guarantee, customers “who order and don’t truly love the delicious new pancakes will get them for free.” This 100 percent satisfaction guarantee applies no matter how much guests eat.

“When we launched our new pancakes we promised our guests a higher-quality, tastier ‘cake that was so much better, it might even top those beloved recipes they can only find at home,” said John Dillon, chief marketing officer for Denny’s. “We stand firmly behind that statement and to demonstrate how confident we truly are, we’re inviting America to decide if our pancakes are some of the best they’ve ever had with our ‘Love ‘em or They’re Free Guarantee.’”

Guests will receive full refunds on pancake meals and a discount for the value of just the pancakes on dishes featuring pancakes along with other items.


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