Warning: People may try to take advantage of Zika fears

“There’s always a chance with any type of high profile news stories like this where there’s potential health concerns of people taking advantage of the situation,” said Garet Smitherman with the Better Business Burea. He warns people may try to profit off your fears of catching the Zika virus.
“Now with the recent outbreak in Miami there’s been more and more phone calls,” Vice President of Mosquito Squad Birmingham, Matthew Lange said they are spraying about 50 yards a day to get rid of mosquitos.

Mosquito Squad is accredited by the BBB but Smitherman warned several new pest control businesses could enter the marketplace trying to take advantage of Zika fears that aren’t licensed and don’t have experience. “Do your homework on the companies you’re going to potentially be hiring .”
Smitherman said you really need to do your homework on companies that just started recently. He said those are the most likely to be preying on the current situation because they see the potential to make money now.

“In regards to the claim that you’re specifically targeting zika mosquitos I’m not sure how confident I would be in that sort of claim.” Smitherman said find a company that gets rid of all mosquitos, not just one type.

Lange said a company saying they are specifically targeting mosquitos that could carry Zika isn’t necessarilty a red flag. He said companies will want to use the word “Zika” right now because that’s what people are worried about. But any reputable company will get rid of all mosquitos, not just one type. Lange said the way they spray for mosquitos would repel all of them. “There are several species of mosquitos that are prominent here in the Birmingham metro area … but primarily the one folks are concerned about is the one that carries Zika but we get rid of all of them.”

Smitherman also warned there are a lot of new products coming out that say they repel mosquitos that carry Zika, things like wristbands and insect repellents. “A lot of scientific research has been done on these products and most of them have been found to not have a benefit to repelling mosquitos.”Source:http://abc3340.com/news/local/warning-people-may-try-to-take-advantage-of-zika-fears

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