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AS ANOTHER school year starts, parents everywhere work their hardest to make sure that their little ones are equipped with everything they need in order to do their very best at school.
School materials, for one thing, are selling like hotcakes as we compare and contrast the quality and value for money.
For many, however, school preparation is more than just about buying new school equipment.
School preparation includes making sure that our little ones are academically prepared as we start the new year for learning.
We’ve all seen it before: delightful and active young children turning in unsatisfactory grades.
Also, children who excel in one subject, say English, struggle in another, like Math.
As a concerned parent or teacher, we want the best for our kids and so we look into tutorials, or enrichment courses to help.
These courses do help but at other times, we don’t see the improvement.
You may be wondering: why is it that some children perform better than others when the environment, the teacher, and the lessons are the same?
BrainFit makes it easier and productive.
BrainFit Studio is the leading provider of the most up-to-date neuro-scientific-based brain fitness training programs in Asia.
Founded in Singapore in 2001, Chia and a team of therapists decided to build BrainFit Studio in order to maximize human potential and by doing so, transform lives.
According to Cheryl Chia, a Singapore-based clinical physiotherapist:
“Each individual has a unique brain profile”. Each child has their own strengths and weaknesses. This is why in a class, each child learns faster or slower than others. Ideally, we would be able to address each individual mind’s needs however, in a traditional school setting, this may prove difficult due to the sheer number of students per class.
For one thing, we know that top performers learn faster and retain information for longer periods of time but with BrainFit intervention, struggling children can be achievers as well.
Similar to physical fitness which determines our performance in physical activities such as sports, our level of brain fitness offered by BrainFit influences our learning and achievement in our daily lives.
Physical fitness is composed of balance, coordination, flexibility etc., brain fitness is composed of the 5 pillars of learning:


(i) attention

(ii) visual

(iii) auditory

(iv) sensory-motor

(v) socio-emotions.


These 5 pillars are foundational in our learning, information retention, learning application, and performance.
Brainfit programs are highly different from other tutorial and enchancement programs , while enhancement programs mainly target improving a specified skill (ex. Drawing, reading etc.); tutorials focus on providing assistance on scholastic subjects so that learners will be able to keep up with their lessons.
BrainFit’s programs focus on the foundational skills necessary to speed up the learning process whether it’s academic or extra-curricular.
BrainFit’s focus is on developing the 5 pillars so children will have a more easy, efficient, and enjoyable learning experience.
How do we know if a child needs to enroll in Brainfit programs?
To know if your child needs to enroll in Brainfit programs, BrainFit Studio conducts a CogMapTM assessment. This is a proprietary tool that objectively measures each child’s unique brain profile. Using this, BrainFit will be able to identify a child’s strengths and areas for improvement.
BrainFit Studio offers a new and exciting way to learn.
Photos courtesy of SM Lanang Premier’s FB page.

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