Denny’s, Wackback, Burger King and Red Robin launch specialty items

It’s going to get “hot” in the days ahead, thanks to several upcoming chain restaurant menu additions.
Red Robin Gourmet Burger locations will be offering the “Red Ramen Burger,” a grilled beef patty flavored with soy and topped with a chili-pepper-infused slaw. Served on a “bun” of crispy ramen noodles, the Red Ramen Burger will be available through June 5.


* * *

For their part Burger King locations will be turning up the heat with the “Angriest Whopper,” a bacon-topped cheeseburger garnished with lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions, jalapeno peppers, and a spicy “angry sauce.”
The burger, which is also a limited-time-only menu addition, will be assembled on a special red bun with hot sauce baked right in.


* * *

As part of a promotional tie-in with the new film “Independence Day: Resurgence,” Denny’s Corp. locations will be featuring a “Red, White, and Bacon” menu through early summer.
The limited time only menu is built around three bacon alternatives – turkey bacon, hickory-smoked bacon, and a new honey jalapeno bacon.

These bacon variants can be enjoyed as part of a berry-garnished Red, White, and Blue Slam breakfast, a Triple Bacon Sampler breakfast plate, and atop a Honey Jalapeno Bacon Sriracha Burger.
Bacon Cheddar Tots will be available as a side, and Denny’s will bring back its Maple Bacon Sundae as a dessert option.
Denny’s locations in the Springfield area include Boston Road at Pasco, Memorial Drive in Chicopee, Northampton Street in Holyoke, and Elm Street in Enfield, Conn.


* * *

Cheshire, Conn.-based Wayback Burgers wants to get the word out to all cheeseheads – the chain has announced their newest milkshake flavor, the Cheeesy Gold Milkshake. Blended from milk and hand-dipped vanilla ice cream, Cheeesy Gold takes its flavor and name from the addition of Cheese Whiz as a flavoring agent.
In addition to being a new drink choice, Wayback is promoting the shake as a dip for its made-in-house potato chips and other side items.
There are Wayback Burgers locations at Carew Street and St. James Avenue in east Springfield, on Prospect Hill Road in East Windsor, Conn., and at 10 Hartford Avenue in Granby, Conn.

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