Dairy Queen Coming to Peabody?

The popular soft serve restaurant plans a massive expansion in the Bay State, Peabody site possible.

Peabody, MA – Many Baystaters complain that there aren’t enough Dairy Queens around these parts, and people have to drive too far when the craving the Blizzard or dipped cone strikes. First world problem, indeed.

Doubling up the good news from Dairy Queen this week (it’s free cone day on March 15), the company said its planning on adding 60 locations in Massachusetts over the next five years, reports the Boston Globe.

Although there is no definite word yet, it looks like Peabody is in line to be one of those locations.

A spokesperson told the Globe that while the list isn’t finalized for Massachusetts, there are targets of properties in Stoughton, Peabody, Burlington, Billerica, Plymouth, Worcester and Amherst. There are also plans to add Dairy Queen to the Vermont landscape, a state that has yet to have the ice cream restaurant.

The 60 franchises will be added to the 33 already open in the state, reports WHDH-TV.

International Dairy Queen, Inc., is a subsidiary of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathway, Inc.

Dairy Queen’s story began in 1938 in Kankakee, IL, with a father-son team who had been experimenting with soft frozen dairy products. By 1941, there were fewer than 10 DQs, which grew to 100 in 1947. By 1955, there were 2,600 locations and today, it has 6,000 restaurants in the United States, Canada and 18 other countries. Photo Credit: WHDH-TV, Channel 7 News source:http://patch.com/massachusetts/peabody/dairy-queen-coming-peabody-0

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