If Denny’s opens, it will be Huntley’s first 24-hour restaurant

Business would be village’s first 24-hour restaurant

In turning a former Culver’s building on Route 47 into a Denny’s, franchisee Dave Kahre said he had to plan an “overall re-do” of the space inside the restaurant.


Everything except the cooler and freezer had to change, he said. And when he got to the drive-thru, he came up with a creative new way to use it.“We’re going to use that as a drive-up,” Kahre said. “You call, and we’ll ring you up and give it to you out the window.”Kahre, the president of Pride Restaurants LLC, said this will be his 14th Denny’s location. He said he began discussing the location at 13240 Route 47 with Huntley officials late last year, and he hopes the restaurant will be open by the second week of March.


The drive-up won’t be the only new concept at the store. Huntley Business Development Coordinator Margo Griffin said it will be Huntley’s first 24-hour restaurant.


“Several years back we did a restaurant survey, and it was one of those listed as a desired restaurant,” Griffin said. “I think our demographic is really good for Denny’s. We have a lot of young families that have kids that want to go out to breakfast and have pancakes, and then we have the active adult crowd that also likes to go out and eat.”Kahre said Huntley’s demographics, as well as the high-traffic location on Route 47, drew him to the property.


The restaurant should seat about 108 people, he said, and it is similar in size to some of the smaller Denny’s restaurants in the Chicago area. The hiring process already is underway with ads posted on job sites. Kahre said he hopes to have roughly 80 employees hired within the next few weeks.


“It fits our model pretty well,” Kahre said. “I think it’s going to be pretty busy.”


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