Moorhead Dairy Queen prepares to open March 1

It is a sure sign of spring. It’s not the swallows return to San Juan Capistrano, nor the buzzards coming back to Hinkley, Ohio. It’s the Moorhead Dairy Queen re-opening.


Crews are busy putting the finishing touches on Tuesday’s opener. In fact, they’ve been working at it for the past two weeks.


They are making sure all the equipment is ready, and all the chocolate, butterscotch and cherries are in place for the rush that has become one of the hallmarks of this storied Moorhead business.


The March 1 opening has become a “go to” and tradition for a lot of folks in the area.


Hanna Karevolt has been a part of the team at the Moorhead DQ for five years. She says opening day is always quite an experience.


“Probably two years ago, it was negative eleven. We had tons of people outside, waiting in the cold, bundled up,” Karevolt remembers. “We had jackets on, with hats, and I had hand-warmers in my coat. From making Blizzards I’d like freeze and then put my hands in the hand warmers for a while, and then go back and make some more. It was really cold.”

Hannah says one of the really cool things about working at the historic location is the family-type of atmosphere.


She says, even in the off-season, she and her co-workers spend time together. And they’ll start spending some more time together starting at nine Tuesday morning.


You also might remember, the Moorhead Dairy Queen was featured by NBC’s Harry Smith last August. If you’d like to see that story, click on the links attached to this story.

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