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WITH today’s “touch generation” and fondness for multi-tasking, we hear parents lamenting about their children’s poor focus and inattentiveness in school.

“Humans actually have naturally short attention spans. What is happening to kids nowadays is that they are just not learning the skills needed to focus when it is necessary”, says Khaisa King, a double degree graduate in BS Management and AB Psychology from the Ateneo de Manila University.

Khaisa is the Davao franchisee of BrainFit Studio, a program founded by Singapore-based clinical physiotherapist Cheryl Chia who believes that “each individual has a unique brain profile”. Aside from the Philippines, BrainFit is located in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Turkey.

“I decided to start BrainFit in Davao because the concepts and ideas really made sense to me. I already heard about BrainFit from Singapore previously, and it was always positive with comments. Further inquiries on the company showed that it employs a well-researched and scientifically-backed approach to helping people achieve excellence, children in particular, through capitalizing on our natural brain plasticity. Brain plasticity is the ability of the brain to shape and change their connections to be more efficient in the things we think of often,” explains Khaisa.

Brain pillars

BrainFit can help by assessing each brain’s strengths and weaknesses with a CognitiveMap, an evaluation tool that determines which of the child’s five Brain Pillars need enhancement. It aids kids from 3-18 years old to maximize their brains’ potentials.

Khaisa clarifies that BrainFit is different from other after-school programs because they do not teach any content in their classes. Instead of training the kids to be better in English or Math by making them do repetitions or exercises on these specific topics, BrainFit trains the base skills of the child so they can learn better on their own.

The program operates on the concept that there are five Brain Pillars to measure the fitness of one’s brain, just like there are measures for physical fitness, and if these five pillars are fit, then one can learn and understand things faster and better, just like being physically fit makes physical activities easier. These are namely, sensory-motor; visual; auditory; focus and attention; and socio-emotional.

Enhancing base skills

BrainFit focuses on making these pillars strong through specially-designed exercises and activities so that children can comprehend and absorb their lessons as they are being taught by the teacher. With these, the program aims to develop independent learners.

“The program for sensory-motor for example helps our students have better body awareness and control, which leads to better and more legible handwriting, better coordination to play games with friends, and the ability to sit still for longer in class, among other things. We come up with activities that engage the senses and overall muscle control of the student; therefore, there is better brain connectivity with the senses, muscles and joints. This leads to overall better sensory-motor control, a base skill that the student can then apply to all aspects of life, not just academics”, Khaisa emphasizes.

All their other programs operate the same way, with respect to their specific brain pillars.

Stronger brain connections

BrainFit guarantees results, as long as the student follows their minimum 2-hour sessions a week (1 hour per session). Khaisa and her dynamic team assure that there will be tangible effects by the end of the recommended number of programs (20 sessions per program). Length of time depends on how often one schedules their sessions.

“We do have studies validating that improvements gained BrainFit’s programs stay with our students even after they have stopped coming to us. There are actual physical changes that happen in the brain which represent the stronger brain connections made during our program. This visibly shows in behavioral changes, faster understanding, less fidgeting when sitting, better communication, etc.,” reveals Khaisa with pride.


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