Trampolining: The new fitness trend

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Feeling bogged down with the week’s load of work? Now, throw out the stress with the workout that’s grabbing the attention of Hollywood stars as well as other fit-savvy folk. It’s the trampoline workout, which will have you bouncing into the air on a spring.
Pop star Beyonce recently let the world have a peek of her and her two-year-old daughter Blue Ivy bouncing on one, singer Taylor Swift showed off her sleek moves on it and the famous Kardashian sisters too, have also hit the trampoline and posted their pictures online. Mini trampolines are the new rage at boutique fitness studios across the West and are being used back here in the city too. What’s with the ‘springy mania’ that’s fast being hailed as the new workout?

It’s a great way to get fit: Also called rebounding, trampolining is said to pack a host of benefits. The basic idea is to jump and while you do so, you work on your quads, glutes, and calf muscles. You also increase your lung capacity. Says fitness expert Shalini Bhargava, “The greatest advantage is that this is a low-impact cardio workout as the trampoline is a soft surface, and so it supports the body. It is thus easy on the joints. This is great way to build balance and focus as you have to make you stay upright as you jump. It’s also detoxifying as it stimulates the lymphatic drainage system. Trampolining can be of particular benefit to those who have sedentary jobs where they sit for long hours, so it’s time offices and other corporate establishments set up trampolines in their gyms,” she advises. While the workout has its own benefits, jumping as an action also marks a release of endorphins. This dispels negativity and can leave you feeling relaxed and happier.

Health Benefits 1. The trampoline jump circulates oxygen to parts of the body 2. It boosts lymph drainage 3. Stimulates the metabolism 4. Builds the core 5. Increases blood circulation 6. Offers relief from neck and back pains and other aches as it banishes stiffness 7. Strengthens bone density 8. Increases endorphins and de-stresses you


Trampoline parks abroad: Did you know in the US, trampoline parks are becoming a sort of wholesome exercise-cum-family entertainment zone? They have facilities such as rooms with wall-to-wall spring trampolines, and customers pay per hour to jump.

How to do it: Always have an instructor close by. Start by placing your feet about six inches apart. Now, begin to bounce lightly. Continue this for a few minutes then increase the bounce speed. However, if you feel any pain in the knees or ankles or shortness of breath, stop.


Source : Times of India


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