New business venture helps pay for Oakwood students’ college

business venture

Oakwood University bought an Edible Arrangements franchise to finance scholarships and hire students so they can stay in school. This new business venture helps pay for Oakwood students.

Cierra Taylor has honed her craft at Edible Arrangements. She became manager after graduating from Oakwood University last year. She’s thankful to have a job, especially since college is so expensive. “I’ve been home schooled all my life so trying to go into college and seeing the expense.” says Cierra Taylor. Helping ease the burden of paying for college is the reason behind this store.


Oakwood University bought the franchise this summer with the intent of financing scholarships and hiring students so they can stay in school. “We hope that we can clear, just to start, about $100,000 a year. That is our goal. then from there we will grow the business and see what the possibilities are.” says Oakwood University President Dr. Leslie Pollard.


Dr. Leslie Pollard says Oakwood University has always prized industry as a component to education, and the store takes that a step further.Pollard also notes a university owning a franchise like Edible Arrangements is very rare, but for the students who will receive scholarship money or employment, it could be the difference between earning a diploma or not.


“A lot of times it is hard for parents to send money to students so this makes the process easier.” says student Tahjai Conkerite. Not to mention a little spending money is always a plus.”students are broke all the time, so it’s an opportunity to hire them.” say Taylor. The Edible Arrangements is now open at the corner of Whitesburg and Airport Road.(Source:

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