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Franchise Opportunity with Zenith Dance Academy


The franchise program of Zenith Dance Academy – is designed in a way that offers an abundance of essential – leverage ingredients which assures smooth operations, increased profitability, strong sales building and marketing skills, more successful franchise start-up.

More than 13 years of successful journey, the two visionary founders of Zenith- Mr. Sooraj Katoch and Ms. Ritu Kapoor believe in celebrating life with joy and passion. Dance is not just shaking the legs and waving the arms, it is a methodology and a combination of body, mind and soul.


Your passion can be your career

From time immemorial, dance has always been part of Indian celebrations. Be it wedding or award ceremonies, the event cannot be completed without the shaking of a leg. While people have always loved to dance, an increasing number are enrolling in dance classes thanks to the popularity of television shows these days.


At Zenith Dance Academy we believe that everybody in this world is born with extraordinary talent. You just need to explore and nourish it. After performing more than 10,000 live shows all over the world and sending waves in the international market. Being innovative and showman of the Dance world we work in a planned and organized system with 10 fully equipped centers with latest standard technical gadgets in Delhi and Mumbai. Zenith is ready to take the responsibility.


Taking a Zenith Dance Academy franchise is a wonderful business venture. You can have a studio that focuses on instruction for children, for adults, or a dance studio for all ages.



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