BrainFit Studio have been awarded School of the Year

BrainFit Studio have been awarded School of the Year – Cognitive Development by little magazine!
BrainFit studio award
Brain fitness is the capacity of a person to meet the various cognitive demands of life. It is evident in an ability to assimilate information, comprehend relationships, and develop reasonable conclusions and plans. Brain fitness can be developed by formal education, being actively mentally engaged in life, continuing to learn, and exercises designed to challenge cognitive skills.
BrainFit Studio  was founded by a team of therapists passionate about maximizing human potential, BrainFit Studio has been dedicating itself to bring you the most up-to-date and scientific brain fitness training programmes since 2001. This is a company built by the hopes and joys of children and their parents, whose lives have changed dramatically through the understanding of how brain fitness training works.
BrainFit Studio is looking for Master franchisee in India
If you have an interest in building a substantial business revolving around world-class standards and possess skills required to build businesses, coach and mentor others for high performance than you may have found the business you are looking for BrainFit Studio.
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