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Representation of Overseas Companies in India

Everyone likes to be looked after. To have a bit of time taken over them. We understand this, and in a world where good service is starting to become a thing of the past, our great service is here to stay.

We act as representative office set up by the foreign companies and act as a channel for business development of the parent organization located in the foreign country.

We help the parent company accumulate information about the potential opportunities in the Indian market and also pass on information about the company and its products to the Indian consumers to attract inflows of profits.

Our functions include:

  • Brand creation
  • Networking with the associations, apex bodies and intermediaries
  • Value added analysis and practical recommendations
  • Monitoring and optimisation of the resources in ongoing actions
  • Render professional and consultancy services
  • Render technical support to the parent companies

Brandspoke, U.K

Brandspoke are commercially driven market entry specialists who are based at the UK and India. Experts in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle categories; supporting International companies seeking to expand their branded assets in this exciting market. (

Edwards Global Services (EGS), US

EGS helps its clients both publicly traded and private companies find suitable and profitable international markets to thrive in, through acquisitions, licensing, joint ventures, partnerships and distributorships (

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