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Market Research

The game of international business can be a very tricky one to play.

Minimise the risks of entering a new market by utilizing a market study!

We know how important it is to understand a market before making strategic decisions with far-reaching consequences. For overseas organizations, market structures often appear to be unclear and access to essential information is not easily available.

For this reason we offer to carry out tailor-made research for you. We, as market research experts, who search beyond public sources to reach the people who can give answers to your questions thus enabling you to competently develop a profound entry strategy.

With years of experience, Inventure can assist you in identifying and assessing key business and investment opportunities with the most relevant, current and credible research available.

We provide a wide range of integrated market research including:

  • Market Potential Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Industry Reports
  • Product Range Analysis
  • Price Analysis
  • Positioning
  • Location Analysis
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