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How it Works

Steps to acquire an international brand

Step 1: Identify Sector

  1. What is your past experience ?
  2. What is your passion ?

Step 2: Identify Brand

  1. What is your brand aspiration ?
  2. Which brand meets your needs or passion ?
  3. Brands that are most feasible for franchising in your area
  4. Investment Capacity for franchising

Step 3: Follow International Franchising Steps

  1. Complete Candidate Information Form (CIF) and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  2. Receive detailed information about the brand
  3. Create a business plan for the brand
  4. Attend Discovery Day with the brand team
  5. Sign letter of intent

Step 4: Make brand ‘India Ready’

  1. Identify necessary changes in brand for India adaptation
  2. Work in collaboration with the brand
  3. Repeat the process to fine-tune and test the changes

Step 5: Launch

  1. Execute agreement and Deposit License fees
  2. Undergo training for franchise
  3. Open the first unit and roll-out the development plan


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About Us


Inventure is a Management consulting and Franchising consulting firm that utilizes its depth of knowledge and resources combined with multi-functional expertise across industries for geographical reach on a global level.

Success Mantras

Five important factors to succeed in India

India Ready ( 95% )

Adaptation ( 95% )

The Right Fit ( 94% )

Make in India ( 95% )

Perseverance ( 96% )

What we do

Inventure’s primary objective is sustaining and enhancing the quality of the professional network to bring customised solutions for specific needs of our clients. We help business leaders make distinctive, lasting and sustainable enhancement to the performance of their organizations. For more than two decades, we have been trusted advisors to world’s leading corporations spanning all major industries. Our values, professionalism, respect and perseverance are an integral part of everything we do.


Inventure specializes in franchises business consulting in India. We provide a full range of franchise business consulting services to all types and sizes of businesses, public and private, startup and established.


Our team of consultants has extensive knowledge and experience in both the business world and the franchising field. Our principals are directly involved in each project, and our unique structure allows us to tailor our services to each client’s needs while keeping our fees competitive. We specifically design each individual franchise consultant program to meet a company’s particular needs and goals. Our offerings primarily includes services for setting up new business or enhancing existing business through Joint Venture, Technology Transfer, Franchising, Licensing, Representations, and Mergers & Acquisitions. We are a dedicated group of professionals focused on objective of providing quality and result oriented solutions tailored to precise client needs.

Case Study

A US $2 billion food services brand with more than 1500 locations

Market entry and development


Food Retail


This leading food services brand had the potential to expand world over and was looking to enter one of the fastest growing F&B market India. Inventure helped them get ‘India Ready’ in terms of getting the various parts of supply chain right, then finding the right partner, and closing the negotiations and terms of market entry strategy. All this was done while Inventure helped the brand at each and every step, as we have seen many international brands fail due to one small mistake that becomes a road block. However, with this brand, each part of the entry was thoroughly detailed out and executed in a professional manner.

Largest family restaurant chain in U.S.

Making the brand India-ready and entering the market


Food and Beverages retail


Largest family restaurant chain in U.S. with more than 1500 restaurants in operation in 7 countries, open 24/7/365 serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night menu. The brand is here to find a suitable partner to bring American cuisine for Indian consumers. The process involves testing the market by a conducting research on restaurant market sensitivity to different factors like cuisine options, local consumer preference, market sizing for American cuisine, and favourable regions. Further to this, the approach is being put into motion by eventually finding the right partner to push the services in specifically identified target segments in the market across the local geography. Inventure conducted market research and feasibility study for the brand in India to measure the potential and identify the competition and target segment. Currently we are in the process of conducting Business Partner Search to establish the business in India through Franchising.

Leading manufacturer and market leader for metal zippers from Japan

Business expansion in International space




The leading metal zippers maker from Japan was eyeing business expansion in International space and is keen on India. The whole idea was to start a manufacturing base to enhance product reach while managing cost effectiveness. The process included procuring statutory approvals, setting up manufacturing base, identification of opportunities, staffing and recommendations on product mix. Inventure conducted the due diligence and concluded by bringing out a solution of forming wholly-subsidiary in India, which gave the clients the opportunity to cater to the one of the largest consumer markets locally and future projections of making it a regional hub for exporting as well, all of this while managing the primary objective of being cost effective.

World’s leading athlete’s own fashion and luxury line of innerwear

Best route for launching the brand in India


Fashion Apparel / Innerwear


One of the most popular athletes in the world combined with a Danish manufacturer to create a fashion brand of innerwear for luxury and premium segments. The brand is here to find a suitable partner to distribute these world class products for Indian consumer. The process involves testing the market by a conducting research on apparel market sensitivity to different factors like price points, availability, behaviour, and acceptance levels for the brand icon and product range. Further to this, the approach is being put into motion by eventually finding the right partner with distribution capabilities to push the product in specifically identified target segments in the market across the local geography.

India’s premier food services organization with multiple brands

Domestic Expansion of brands


Food and Beverages retail


With brands ranging from QSR to CDR and to express outlet formats in its portfolio, this premier Indian organization is looking for partners at different locations in the country for franchise units. To be able to bring its popular brands closer to the customers who were already aware of these brands, but were present in all the corners, this was a challenge to find out partners based on various factors including city tiers, partner experience in terms of operational and business understanding, and sustainability potential. All these factors are being taken into consideration for each of the 6 brands in this portfolio made complex by different needs for each of them depending upon their formats. After completing a thorough market research identifying the target markets, the partners have been chosen and due diligence was done in order to give our client the best available potential partner options. The process is followed by developing and expanding the outlet footprint across India through both franchise and company owned units.

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