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How it Works

Steps to acquire an international brand

Step 1: Identify Sector

  1. What is your past experience ?
  2. What is your passion ?

Step 2: Identify Brand

  1. What is your brand aspiration ?
  2. Which brand meets your needs or passion ?
  3. Brands that are most feasible for franchising in your area
  4. Investment Capacity for franchising

Step 3: Follow International Franchising Steps

  1. Complete Candidate Information Form (CIF) and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  2. Receive detailed information about the brand
  3. Create a business plan for the brand
  4. Attend Discovery Day with the brand team
  5. Sign letter of intent

Step 4: Make brand ‘India Ready’

  1. Identify necessary changes in brand for India adaptation
  2. Work in collaboration with the brand
  3. Repeat the process to fine-tune and test the changes

Step 5: Launch

  1. Execute agreement and Deposit License fees
  2. Undergo training for franchise
  3. Open the first unit and roll-out the development plan


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About Us


Inventure is a Management consulting and Franchising consulting firm that utilizes its depth of knowledge and resources combined with multi-functional expertise across industries for geographical reach on a global level.

Success Mantras

Five important factors to succeed in India

India Ready ( 95% )

Adaptation ( 95% )

The Right Fit ( 94% )

Make in India ( 95% )

Perseverance ( 96% )

What we do

Inventure’s primary objective is sustaining and enhancing the quality of the professional network to bring customised solutions for specific needs of our clients. We help business leaders make distinctive, lasting and sustainable enhancement to the performance of their organizations. For more than two decades, we have been trusted advisors to world’s leading corporations spanning all major industries. Our values, professionalism, respect and perseverance are an integral part of everything we do.


Inventure specializes in franchises business consulting in India. We provide a full range of franchise business consulting services to all types and sizes of businesses, public and private, startup and established.


Our team of consultants has extensive knowledge and experience in both the business world and the franchising field. Our principals are directly involved in each project, and our unique structure allows us to tailor our services to each client’s needs while keeping our fees competitive. We specifically design each individual franchise consultant program to meet a company’s particular needs and goals. Our offerings primarily includes services for setting up new business or enhancing existing business through Joint Venture, Technology Transfer, Franchising, Licensing, Representations, and Mergers & Acquisitions. We are a dedicated group of professionals focused on objective of providing quality and result oriented solutions tailored to precise client needs.

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Sky Zone, a California-based indoor trampoline park, is coming to Rockledge

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A franchise business from Sky Zone –  indoor  trampoline park for kids and adults to jump and excercise   The franchise, which focuses on children’s parties as well as physical activities and events for adults, is going into a 30,000-square-foot space in the Aldi Marketplace Shopping Center on the corner of Murrell Road and Barnes […]

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Oscar De La Hoya dropped in to teach a class at TITLE Boxing Club

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Oscar De La Hoya Says Next Big Boxing Champ Could Be From Chicago   Chicago boxers had a rare chance to train with one of the world’s greatest when The Golden Boy himself popped by a West Loop gym Thursday.World champion boxer Oscar De La Hoya dropped in to teach a class at TITLE Boxing […]

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Be your best with BrainFit

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WITH today’s “touch generation” and fondness for multi-tasking, we hear parents lamenting about their children’s poor focus and inattentiveness in school.   “Humans actually have naturally short attention spans. What is happening to kids nowadays is that they are just not learning the skills needed to focus when it is necessary”, says Khaisa King, a […]

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            We are hiring an android developer for a startup and we will ask 3 questions to choose the right candidate.   So here is Question #1:   Describe a simple machine that you use every day and why do you like it?   Your answer should not be more […]

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You ready to jump?

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Two new trampoline parks coming to Santa Ana, Westminster The trampoline business continues to grow in Orange County as two more jump emporiums open this fall.   Rockin’ Jump, a trampoline park headquartered in Pleasanton, opens Thursday. This marks the company’s first Orange County location and 17th overall. To celebrate, the trampoline park is offering […]

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    We are hiring Web Applications Developer in a leadership role for a startup and we will ask 3 questions to choose the right candidate.     So here is Question #1:   Describe a simple machine that you use every day and why do you like it?   Your answer should not be […]

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Brain Training : Boost concentration and memory of children

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Forget maths tuition, swimming lessons or piano classes. Parents are now sending their children for brain training, hoping to improve their concentration and memory skills. Owners of enrichment centres that run such classes told The Straits Times that more children – especially young ones – have been signed up for their programmes in recent years. […]

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Trampolining: The new fitness trend

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Times of India Fitness   Feeling bogged down with the week’s load of work? Now, throw out the stress with the workout that’s grabbing the attention of Hollywood stars as well as other fit-savvy folk. It’s the trampoline workout, which will have you bouncing into the air on a spring. Pop star Beyonce recently let […]

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Burger Burger Burger

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“It’s not a burger, but a meal,” this is how people see at burger today. A clutch of global burger giants such as Johnny Rockets, Carl’s Jr, Barcelos and Wendy’s that have recently set up shop in India. A non-veg burger starts from Rs 350 and goes up to Rs 575 at the Californian fast-food […]

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Indian Services sector boost with international Master Franchise opportunities

Posted by admin | June 12, 2015 | 0 Comments

The food services, education, apparel and jewellery retail sector in India have already become a fighting pit for some of the top international brands from across the world and the rest of the world’s brands have taken notice and decided to bring their low cost affordable Master Franchise brands that are potentially high earners   […]

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